Bowling Rewards Benefits

Bowling Rewards, LLC is proud to release our state of the art rewards technology through the sport of bowling, the #1 participation sport in the U.S. Announcing for the first time in REWARDS CARD HISTORY, one card doesit all!


  1. Loyalty & Rewards: Use your card as a rewards card to earn points, cash back, or any other type of reward based on visit frequency, dollars spent, and your own bowling performance.

  2. Electronic Gift Card Functionality: Use your card as a gift card with rewards added to your card forgiving a gift to someone else.

  3. Prepaid Membership Benefits: Use your card as a pre-paid card with special benefits loaded onto your card in regular intervals (i.e. monthly).

  4. Nationwide Access: Use your card at every location in our community network both inside and outside your local tournament club or entertainment center.

Each participating entertainment center, tournament club and merchant that is affiliated with the Bowling Rewards network sets up their own customized rewards program but is part of a larger community network of clubs, centers and merchants. Once you are issued an official Bowling Rewards card from a local tournament club or entertainment center, bowlers can use that card at any other participating location inside the Bowling Rewards community because it works there too. Bowlers have access to all the savings and rewards offered by every participating location without needing to acquire new cards. Use just one card to access all ofthese benefits and then track all your cash, points, and rewardsonline with your own personal Bowling Rewards account and logon ID.

Click here to search the Bowling Rewards directory of participating merchants.